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You will not have to monitor GPU failures, track hash rates, statuses, power consumption, overclocking and much more! Our unique crypto mining platform will handle this for you. All you need to do is choose a suitable service plan, that will bring you profits on autopilot.

Investment plans

We offer 6 lucrative investment plans

About Us

What is WebMiSi and what is our business?

The company WebMiSi builds its business in the field of cryptocurrency mining and blockchain development. Our specialists have devoted lots of time and exerted many efforts to create and test high quality crypto mining system. Now we can offer you to use our equipment that will bring you healthy residual income on continuous basis.

Every day a great number of new investors register at our service. Their funds are used for purchasing, maintenance and renewal of mining equipment. Our customers invest in their own mining capacities, and we provide them with all necessary tools for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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How it works

Follow 4 simple steps to start earning


Follow a simple sign up procedure at our website.

Balance funding

Add funds to your balance in any way convenient.

Make New Deposit

Choose the suitable plan and make a deposit.

Getting profit

Withdraw profits to your wallet on automated mode.

Referral program

Earn by attracting new partners
Status Deposit Levels
Normal Up to 1000$ 3% 1% 0.5%
Superior 1000$ - 2000$ 5% 1.5% 1% 0.5%
Leader From 2000$ 7% 2% 1% 0.5% 0.5%

For active users willing to promote our company we offer generous referral program. We shall pay for each user attracted by you. The size of referral commission depends on the deposit amount of the investor you invited. You will be able to raise your partner status depending on your personal deposit volume!

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Countdown till listing WMS on PancakeSwap

Our nearest plans:

  • Introduction of our custom p2p exchange Launched
  • Launch of WMS token based on BSC Launched
  • WMS token listing on PancakeSwap exchange
  • Launch of the WMiSi Pro platform
  • Start of the exchange service - WebMiSi Exchange

Bonus program

Get bonuses and increase your profits


  • Weekly interest: 3%
  • Deposit term: 6 weeks
  • Principal Return: No
Network volume and leadership bonuses are credited to the bonus balance. The money on the bonus balance can be used to create bonus deposit Mining-Bonus. Mining-Bonus plan doesn't provide for referral bonuses.
Referral network bonuses

Depend on the sum total of your income from entire affiliate structure.

  30$ 25$-50$ Income
  60$ 51$-100$ Income
  90$ 101$-200$ Income
  120$ 201$-300$ Income
  240$ 301$-500$ Income
  480$ 501$-1000$ Income
  700$ 1001$-1500$ Income
  1100$ 1501$-2000$ Income
  2200$ 2001$-5000$ Income
  4500$ 5001$-10000$ Income
  8000$ 10001$-20000$ Income
  15000$ From 20000$ Income
Leadership bonuses

Depend on the sum total of your income from the first line only. Credited on the first day of each month.

  100$ 100$-200$ Income
  350$ 201$-500$ Income
  700$ 501$-1000$ Income
  1500$ 1001$-2000$ Income
  4000$ 2001$-5000$ Income
  10000$ From 5000$ Income


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